Ubuntu Executable Issue

Module 2 has an issue that it might not execute on most Ubuntu installations. It seems to be something we can’t do anything about. Ubuntu simply mounts physical UDF discs as non-executable for some reason. Windows and OS X mounts as executable by default.

A workaround that doesn’t require copying files is to, in a terminal:
umount /media/Greenlandic\ 2
cd ~/Desktop/
mkdir LG2
sudo mount -omode=0777 -t udf /dev/sr0 LG2
…after which launching the program from the LG2 folder on the desktop will work.

Or if you have downloaded the ISO file and it doesn’t mount correctly either, replace the last step with:
sudo mount -o loop -omode=0777 -t udf LearnGreenlandic2.iso LG2

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