Patches & Downloads

All of the material of module 1 and 2 are now available online, for use from any device.

Here you can download “Greenlandic for foreigners”. Download is free, but you must buy a license key in order to use the material.

Full Downloads

Note that to use any of these downloads, you must have a valid license key.

Please use the online version instead of downloading anything.

File Description
Learn_Greenlandic.iso Module 1 as a DVD ISO file, ready for use on a Mac or for burning to a single-layer DVD or for mounting via a virtual DVD drive.
Size: 2217347072 bytes
MD5: df9bf38d4d3ffb493ba284855b3a3f63
Learn Greenlandic.msi, Module 1 as a Windows MSI file.
Size: 120706 bytes, 1837004526 bytes
MD5: a99e25e75423e1313be8bde69bbb325d, f58d8a260d2e1b218369556eb26a82da
Learn_Greenlandic_2.iso Module 2 as a DVD ISO file for Mac and Windows, ready for burning to a dual-layer DVD or mount via a virtual DVD drive.
Size: 7259095040 bytes
MD5: 375adddf70211ea068176d6e00a52b25

Updates for Module 1

Last updated 2012-06-12. Adds improved installer and site licensing functionality. Fixes an unintentional launch of the welcome before the license key was input.

The archive (51 MiB) contains only the files changed since the DVD was pressed, which is useful for power users. Individual patches are available below:

Usage: Unpack anywhere, then run Learn Greenlandic from the folder. It will search all drives for the lesson data, so keep the DVD handy.

The downloadable DVD ISO image has also been updated.

Updates for Module 2

No updates yet – everything works on the new set of DVDs.
If you received a physical DVD before March 13th, it is a bad batch with half the data missing, and you will receive a new DVD as soon as we can ship them.