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Greenlandic Names Book

Oqaasileriffik’s response service has in recent years experienced an increased focus and interest in the origin and meaning of Greenlandic personal names. Consequently, selected responses have been edited and translated, and is now available in encyclopedic form, comprising 400 articles … Continue reading

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Preparations for DVD Module 2

This series of exercises should be thoroughly worked through BEFORE you embark on Module 2. It has namely proven that the cocktail of a new verbal mood plus a rather complicated sound rule offered to you in lesson 1 has … Continue reading

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Show your interest in future courses here, or sign up here. Any questions can be asked via email: For definitions of levels, click the link to see the course description. To partake in the module courses you must be … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Executable Issue

Module 2 has an issue that it might not execute on most Ubuntu installations. It seems to be something we can’t do anything about. Ubuntu simply mounts physical UDF discs as non-executable for some reason. Windows and OS X mounts … Continue reading

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Module 2 slightly delayed

The second module of Greenlandic for Foreigners will be available early next year. That is a little later than planned, but there are so many lectures and exercises that it simply takes longer than expected to get everything working the … Continue reading

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Greenlandic for Foreigners

Greenlandic for foreigners is a course material originally developed for self study, but more often used in combination with physical teaching. It consists of Module I and Module II, which can be installed from download or physical DVD, and a … Continue reading

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Study Guide

Greenlandic for Foreigners can be used for solo studying if there are no alternatives, but in the long run that is not an optimal position. It simply isn’t good for the human mind to be alone – and definitely not … Continue reading

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Video Fix (Windows)

Patches now has an update available for the missing video issue. If there are any further problems, please contact us.

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Patches & Downloads

All of the material of module 1 and 2 are now available online, for use from any device. Here you can download “Greenlandic for foreigners”. Download is free, but you must buy a license key in order to use the … Continue reading

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A hint about problematic drivers

Re. Tino’s last post just a hint: I have myself had exactly that kind of problems with my son’s LEGO Designer on his Windows7. A subscription to NVIDIA’s free driver alert and update service solved the problem. Read more on … Continue reading

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