Everyone should have the opportunity to learn Greenlandic.

At LearnGreenlandic we offer courses on all levels, but the number of participants in each course varies. Accordingly, until now the tuition fee has varied according to the number of participants. In the autumn term 2017 we offer 6 courses taught in Danish:

  • Crash-course (beginners) – DKK 3.000, course materials and meals included (2.500 if you register before June 19th)
  • Level 1 (beginners) – DKK 1.700, course materials not included (DVD 1 DKK 450)
  • Level 2 – DKK 2.000, course materials not included (DVD 2 DKK 600)
  • Level 3 – DKK 2.500 (course materials are the same as for level 2)
  • Level 4 –DKK 2.500 (course materials are free)
  • Level 5 – DKK 2.500 (course materials are free)

Levels 1-4 include 15 clock hours of teaching. Level 5 includes 22 hours. The crash-course includes 2 1/2 full days.

The number of participants may vary from 3 to 14.

All teachers are well educated and are experienced in teaching Greenlandic.

When you attend one of our courses, you are welcome to follow the teaching on other levels parallelly. You will only have to pay for the most expensive course.

Furthermore, we offer:

  • Courses taught in english – please contact us for more information
  • Courses in Greenlandic grammar for Greenlandic L1 speakers
  • Individually designed courses to fit your needs whether you are just yourself or a group with special needs or wishes

We might adjust the fees according to the number of participants. In short: the more studens, the lower tuition fee. Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to come along – then you can LearnGreenlandic together – at a reasonable price.