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Intensive courses

LearnGreenlandic regularly arranges intensive courses on Greenlandic or Danish, taught in English or Danish. Please contact us, if you do not find a course which suits your needs. Intensive courses in Nuuk, 2020 Grønlandsk 1 – begynderkursus i grønlandsk. Lær … Continue reading

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Course Materials

Here you can find information about our DVD’s which we use in our courses on levels 1, 2 and 3.  

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At LearnGreenlandic we offer courses on all levels. See more about the courses on or The courses are typically running for 6-12 weeks. The number of participants may vary from 3 to 14. Most courses cost between DKK … Continue reading

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About Greenlandic

Greenlandic is a polysynthetic language that in no way resembles anything you know in advance, neither in vocabulary nor in grammar. There is no apparent sense in the many lengthy words and strange sounds. Many people are convinced that Greenlandic … Continue reading

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DVDs or Extra Keys

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Greenlandic Names Book

Oqaasileriffik’s response service has in recent years experienced an increased focus and interest in the origin and meaning of Greenlandic personal names. Consequently, selected responses have been edited and translated, and is now available in encyclopedic form, comprising 400 articles … Continue reading

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Preparations for DVD Module 2

This series of exercises should be thoroughly worked through BEFORE you embark on Module 2. It has namely proven that the cocktail of a new verbal mood plus a rather complicated sound rule offered to you in lesson 1 has … Continue reading

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Show your interest in future courses here, or sign up here. Any questions can be asked via email: For definitions of levels, click the link to see the course description. To partake in the module courses you must be … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Executable Issue

Module 2 has an issue that it might not execute on most Ubuntu installations. It seems to be something we can’t do anything about. Ubuntu simply mounts physical UDF discs as non-executable for some reason. Windows and OS X mounts … Continue reading

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