Study Guide

Greenlandic for Foreigners can be used for solo studying if there are no alternatives, but in the long run that is not an optimal position. It simply isn’t good for the human mind to be alone – and definitely not in an L2 learning process. Language acquisition is for many reasons much more effective with access to other learners than without. Firstly, like-minded people are beneficial when your motivation falters, and secondly, research in peer talk has documented – which is probably a surprise to many of you – that the language of other learners, despite errors, is efficient input that you consciously or not will utilize in your own acquisition process.

And don’t forget that a group naturally enhances your options for finding a teacher or tutor, be it from a private or public source.

Thus, I cannot recommend highly enough that users of Greenlandic for Foreigners contacts as many other users that it is realistic to maintain contact with. It is ideal to form a group that meets as often as possible, from multiple times per week in the beginning of the learning process and at a more relaxed pace later on.

I am aware that many learners live isolated or are for one reason or another bound at home, and thus have no real options for a work group. To those, I want to make it clear that anything is better than nothing in a learning process. Even a phone contact once in a while, or contact via cyberspace can cause miracles for faltering motivation.

LearnGreenlandic has two offers to promote the process:

1. A here I am / chat-forum / contact service via your registration.

2. Write me at with a short description of your group’s level and local options. Then I will first and foremost reply with some solid advice that I feel will serve exactly your needs. Later – probably when you’re in the second module – you can also request aid with linguistic questions that you simply cannot solve any other way, or get advice on learning strategies for the type of topics that just don’t sink in.

Please note that this is only an offer for groups. We currently (December 2016) have over 1.000 DVDs in circulation with more going out at a steady pace, so I must unfortunately state that for my health and sanity I will only occasionally be able to offer individual guidance.

Per Langgård