First Patch

We have discovered an error on the DVD, so here is the first patch…

The PDF shipped for Danish Lecture 5 is entirely wrong. The correct file can be downloaded at Danish Lecture 5 (PDF, 95 KiB).

For those downloading the ISO, the new one has size 2207813632 with MD5 sum f43bd9b49d77b46d27104b12e75a36b2 and SHA1 sum 8b37396bec72fc6766b37c56079080016f631860.
(The old one had size 2207932416 with MD5 sum 3202166f8baf6eb8be8b9da64da68942 and SHA1 sum 7b67fdee9ce8004151b38fc4a7a47dc487b0428f.)

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